Kids at summer camp
Apr 20, 2020 - Elmhurst YMCA


Summer is a fun, magical time in childhood. It’s a time for kids to explore—and build lasting friendships and memories. It’s also a special time where kids can be kids at summer camp.  With all the things that are happening in the world as a result of the coronavirus, now is a good time to look positively to a summer of joy ahead at Y summer camps.

When you enroll your kids in Y summer camps, you’re giving your children a memorable summer with learning experiences that provide the skills and confidence to help your children thrive. Your children will learn in a safe and inclusive environment with experienced educators who will help instill values such as self-respect, teamwork, tolerance and a healthy lifestyle. 

We are busy bees putting together an engaging, inspiring, educational and fun summer program curriculum and we look forward to welcoming your children back to summer camp at the Y.

Your YMCA Summer Camp, creatively redefined.

Coming out of the pandemic, you will be approaching your summer plans with new eyes, and so will we. We understand that evolving our camps to meet the needs of our families is imperative to the growth and happiness of our children. This summer, some of the additions to our camps will include:

Expanded safety measures aligned with the CDC’s recommendations for preparedness and a well-versed staff trained in first aid, CPR, child wellness, disinfection best practices, social distancing strategies, and active parent communication.

Enhanced curriculum focusing on experiential learning in alignment with Illinois learning standards, Common Core, and Next Generation. 

Continued support for families by offering discounted rates and flexible times, including extended hours.

Tons of friends, fun, and memories that nurture your children’s development and instill the skills, confidence, and habits that will be of value to them for a lifetime. 

Get started by exploring Y Summer Camp for your child.