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Discover New Ways to Play at the Sage Y!

It All Happens at the Sage YMCA

Whether it’s personal training and wellness for yourself, or youth sports and day camps for your family, you’ll find it all at the Sage YMCA! 

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    Small Group Personal Training

    Small group personal training is a fun, effective, and affordable way to reach your fitness goals. A limited group size generates camaraderie, accountability, and personalized attention. Our nationally certified coaches lead a variety of trainings such as Heavy Bag Kickboxing, High School Sports Training, Therapeutic Based Aquatic Training, and more! Our studios and fitness floor are also equipped with Myzone monitors, which provide progress tracking and a heart rate system. For more information, please call 815-526-1630!
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    Swim Lessons

    At the Y, we believe that water safety is one of the most important skills you can learn. Our group swim lessons teach water safety and swimming skills all while in an environment of support and encouragement. From children to adults, we give everyone a sense of belonging and confidence by celebrating their achievements in the water!
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Go Farther with Peloton 

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What’s Happening Now at the Sage YMCA 

An array of programs and activities focused on strengthening mind, body, and community!

Explore What You Can Do at the Sage YMCA

Finding an outlet that stimulates the mind and inspires passion while still encouraging physical engagement is what we’re all about. There are so many possibilities to express yourself at the Y, discover your place today!
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Early Learning & Education: Giving your Child the Support to Succeed

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Find Joy in Giving

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You Already Belong at the Sage YMCA

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