Hours, Rentals & Staff

Hours, Rentals & Staff

Curious about open and close times, the phenomenal team of leaders at your Y, or where you can host your kid’s next birthday party? You’re in the right place!
Elmhurst YMCA

You’re the Who. Here’s the Where & When for the Elmhurst YMCA!

Use the Elmhurst YMCA for Your Next Event or Outing

The Elmhurst YMCA is the perfect place for a celebration, event, or outing! Whether for a birthday party, a group outing or meeting, or any reason to celebrate — we’ll help you host a fun-filled, memorable event. We offer a variety of party packages, including pool and ice rink parties.  
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Jump into the Fun!

Meet Your Elmhurst YMCA Leadership Team 

Say hello to the leaders who bring their own passion and enthusiasm to the Elmhurst YMCA every single day!
  • Derek Schlager

    Derek Schlager

    Executive Director
  • Emily Santiago

    Emily Santiago

    Membership Director
  • Carol VanDyke

    Carol VanDyke

    Member Experience Supervisor
  • Meghan Watts

    Meghan Watts

    Youth Development Director
  • Kate Mueller

    Kate Mueller

    Youth & Family Manager
  • Marie Straube

    Marie Straube

    Aquatics Manager
  • Leslie Boeckel

    Leslie Boeckel

    Special Events Coordinator
  • John Juris

    John Juris

    Building Engineer

Introducing Your Elmhurst YMCA Advisory Board 

Meet the dedicated team of community members who assist in fundraising and promoting all of the happenings at the Elmhurst YMCA!

Jennifer Gordon (Chair) 

Mark Boeckel    

Derek Bradford    

Rachel Chapman

Denise Fitzpatrick    

Robert Haney    

Emily Kern

Emily Kurtz

Jeremy Nickels    

Jason Romano

Jackie Schulz

Theresa Stotts

Dan Tuerk