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Specifically designed with aging adults in mind, our wide variety of classes give participants the opportunity to stay physically active, or in some cases, simply overcome fears of exercise and begin a new journey towards being physically active.

Feel Your Best with Fitness Classes at the Y!

From yoga, to swimming, to Zumba and beyond, we offer a range of classes that are perfect for older adults. Our considerate instructors will help you get the most out of these activities, no matter your skill level. Come get active at the Y! 

  • Woman doing water aerobics

    Water Aerobics

    Curious about aquatic exercise? Pools provide a highly beneficial, low-impact way to move your body, stay healthy, and even have some fun! Our aquatic classes include water aerobics and water exercises to help with arthritis. We also offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of swimming lessons to meet the needs of our diverse members.
  • A yoga class

    Yoga Stretch

    Center yourself with this relaxing yoga class. Using traditional and modified yoga poses and restorative breathing techniques, participants will cultivate flexibility, range of movement, balance, stability, and mental clarity. We use chairs for support, and all poses can be modified to accommodate your needs.
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