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Sep 29, 2019 - Sage YMCA

Positive Small Group Personal Training and Trainer Tips

Trainer Tip Tuesdays

Did you ever wonder how to do a bicep curl correctly or sqaut using the correct form?  How about a great stretch for your hip flexors?  Check out the Sage YMCA's Facebook page for our Trainer Tip Tuesdays.  Our Fitness Coordinator and Trainer will have a new tip every week.  Join the Sage Y Fitness page to see what is going on in Fitness each week.

Small Group Personal Training - Strong is the New Skinny

Take your workout to the next level and don't let your workouts FALL behind!

  • Small Group Training (3 min. / 6 max)

  • 45 minute workouts

  • High energy,  trainer-led group workouts

  • Build endurance, strength and power

  • Classes will meet in the Fitness Center

  • Includes initial measurements & body composition analysis

  • A variety of equipment will be used including treadmills, spin bikes, free weights, kettlebells, slam balls, BOSU balls and more

​​Wednesdays at 5:00pm

Fridays at 8:30am

Saturdays at 8:00am

September 8 - October 27 (8 weeks)

1 class / week: $120 (member) / $180 (non-member)

2 classes / week: $210 (member) / $315 (non-member)

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Personal Training

Looking for a new challenge? Need additional motivation? Achieve your fitness goals through personalized training sessions and coaching from one of our Certified Personal Trainers!

Contact Sara, Sage YMCA Fitness Coordinator at [email protected] or call 815.526.1676 to make an appointment about our Personal Training sessions and what we have to offer.