A person playing water polo
Mar 24, 2019 - Elmhurst YMCA

Pass! Shoot! Tread Water!

Learn to play Wetball (Youth Water Polo) at the Elmhurst YMCA!

Do you like to have fun in the POOL?  Try our NEW aquatic program!  Youth (5-12).

Fees:  FREE introductory offer to member/non-members

You don't have to be a super swimmer to participate.  Learn how to play water polo through the game of Wetball.  

Participants will learn how to dribble the ball across the pool, push and pass, learn how to in-the-water-throw and pass the water polo ball to a partner and shoot the ball into the goal.

*Participants do not have to pass the deep-water swim test to participate.  (Participants may bring their own coastguard approved personal float).

Join us for one or both of these introductory nights to get a taste of the fun:

Wednesday, April 17 and March 24from 7:00-8:00p.m.

*Register online at elmhurstymca.org or at the front desk or click here.