Lifeguard training
Jun 26, 2019 - Elmhurst YMCA

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training

The Elmhurst YMCA will be running an American Red Cross Lifeguard Training during the month of June and July.

When: 7/10, 5-9:00 p.m., 7/11, 5-9:00 p.m., 7/12, 3-9:00 p.m. and 7/13, 9-7:00 p.m.

Cost:  $275 Member

           $375 Non-Member

Registration Deadline:  July 1, 2019 for July classes.

  • Must be 15 years old (show proof of age)
  • Pass a 300-yard pre-requisite swim test, tread water for 2 minutes without using hands, swim & retrieve a 10-pound object from water 7-10 feet deep in less than 1 minute, 40 seconds to be performed on 5.10.19.
  • Blended Learning Assignment must be completed and certificate of completion handed in the first day of class (emailed out upon registration) on 5.10.19.
  • Must attend all scheduled class sessions, written and practical exams.
  • Refunds for all lifeguarding classes must be requested in writing 48 hours prior to class start and will result in a $50 administrative fee.  Failure to finish prerequisites may only result in a partial refund.
  • Certification is not guaranteed.
  • Water Park certification - Must have Basic Lifeguard to be valid (Training date TBD).

Stop by our Y to pick-up a flyer for our next class.

For more details contact Marie Straube at [email protected] or 630.834.9200 or to register click here.