Santa Claus
Dec 1, 2018 - South Side YMCA

Be an Angel to a Child

This year the South Side YMCA has joined hands with the YWCA to give back to their Young Parents Program. 

The Young Parents Program partners with adolescent parents (ages 12 - 19) to build on their and their family’s natural strengths and capacities. The goal of the program is to help teen parents through the critical first few years of their children’s life to promote healthy development. They are given the tools to effectively parent their child, reduce the rate of subsequent births, improve their own health and emotional development, enhance self-sufficiency, and promote healthy growth and development of their children. Combining regular home visiting and peer support groups, young parents are provided with the support and tools needed to transform their lives, be confident in their choices and make valuable contributions to their communities. 

To participate: 

1. Pick an Angel from our tree (located in the Front lobby).
2. Return the attached information card to the Front Desk before leaving the building with your Angel.
3. Purchase a gift for the Angel you selected.
4. Return your unwrapped gift to the Welcome Center with the Angel card attached to the gift by December 17, 2018. 

For more information, please contact Kenne' Howell