Sandi Stinson
Apr 25, 2018 - Sage YMCA

Member Spotlight - Meet Sandi Stinson

Sandi is such an inspiration!  She decided that she needed to set a goal for herself as she was approaching the age of 50 and had lost members of her family.  Her goal in July 2015 was to lose 100 pounds in a year.  She lost 75 pounds by eating a healthy diet and coming to the Sage Y 5 days a week.  The encouragement by the staff and members helped her to never look back.  Sandy was able to maintain the weight loss for 2 years, until major health issues occurred.  She gained half of her weight back, but has decided it is not about the pounds anymore, it is about the workout and inches she loses.  She has come back to the Sage YMCA after getting clearance from her doctor and you will find her either swimming or taking one of our group exercise classes (Zumba is a favorite).  She has quit smoking and is more determined then ever to reach her goals.  Sandi would like people to know that without failure, you never succeed and that you should never give up on your journey.