Family Fitness Classes

YMCAs have led community-based health and well-being programs for more than a century. Research continues to support the holistic approach to health that YMCAs have taken since 1891, when Luther Gulick proposed the red YMCA triangle as a symbol of a person's essential unity — spirit, mind and body.

Participation in YMCA fitness programs offer opportunities for friendship and community, a sense of well-being, self-confidence and improved mental abilities and cognition. The YMCA supports healthy lifestyles by reaching out to and engaging all those who seek well-being of spirit, mind and body. We will create and sustain healthier communities by actively engaging our communities and connecting our networks, partners and resources to influence decisions that positively impact health and wellness.

Fitness requires a well rounded approach; you need to develop cardio, strength and flexibility. Often people tend to focus either too much on cardio or strength, which may limit the long term success of your fitness. We have fitness staff available at our membership centers that are experts and are continuously trained on the latest trends. These staff can help you select the right fitness workouts, classes and training that is right for you and your family.



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