Nicholas Bianchi
Dec 9, 2019 - McCormick YMCA

Staff Spotlight: Nicholas Bianchi

Nick is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) who incorporates his diverse sports background into his approach to fitness and health.  With years of experience in calisthenics, soccer, running, and yoga, he specializes in athletic and functional movement training with a focus on mobility and core strength. 

Nick has been a great asset to the McCormick YMCA as he has taken up a lead trainer role and has been helping many of long time members achieve their fitness goals, has contributed to keeping our facility cleanly and safe, and been around to assist any of our members questions or in their needs. Nick has earned a spot in one of the top 25 trainers in the association.

We thank Nicholas for his hard work, commitment, and dedication to his role here at the Y!