A kid swimming
Jan 7, 2019 - McCormick YMCA

Join the Y - Because we believe in leveling up!

At the YMCA, we're committed to helping our members take things to the next level: family bonding, sports and swimming skills, volunteering, education, child care, etc.

To show just how committed we are, we're offering new members an exclusive special offer - during the month of January we're waiving our joiner fee, saving you up to $87 when you join!

While we offer all the same amenities as a fitness center, we're so much more than just that! 

Here's how we can help you level up in 2019:

  • Level up on your health and wellness strategy with a FREE wellness consultation, personal training, group exercise classes and more!
  • Level up your family bonding with free family nights and monthly family-friendly events.
  • Help your community level up with the Y's many amazing volunteer opportunities.
  • Level up your social life by meeting other members with similar interests from the same community.
  • Help your child or teen take their self-confidence to the next level as they learn good values in a safe, nurturing environment. At the Y, they will always feel accepted and supported!
  • Level up your sports and swimming skills with youth and adult sports leagues, and swim lessons for every age.
  • Level up your child's education with our early learning programs, and before and after school programs.
  • Level up your child care with our phenomenal day camps and School Days Out programs.

Join today by clicking here... because it's time to LEVEL UP!