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Feb 17, 2022 - Greater LaGrange YMCA

Keeping our hearts pumping, one healthy choice at a time

The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago takes a whole-person approach to wellness, empowering people of all ages and abilities to achieve their fitness goals, one healthy choice at a time.

During American Heart Month, a time to promote and raise awareness about cardiovascular health, we asked our members: “What gets your heart pumping?”

Here’s what they said:

Karen and Kevin, Foglia YMCA

Before becoming involved with the YMCA of Metro Chicago in 2004, I was just a kid in the after-school program at the Duncan YMCA. The time I spent at the Y all those years ago and the values I learned put me on a path to become a successful female leader that is not only passionate about the mission of the Y but also impacting communities through service. The Y invested in building a strong foundation for me, providing me with a safe space to learn, and instilling an invaluable sense of belonging.

After surviving major open heart surgeries within a month of each other, Karen and Kevin decided to make a commitment to fitness and rehabilitation. A year into their recovery, they’re determined to keep the momentum going.

Zsa Zsa, Elmhurst YMCA

For Zsa Zsa, the Elmhurst Y is a friendly, supportive place to build variety into her cardio routine and try new things.

“All the great classes the Y offers get my heart pumping—especially those that start my day and get me out of my comfort zone with the help of the wonderful instructors.”

Pat, Sage YMCA

When Pat visited the heart-adorned front desk at the Sage Y, she was prompted to write down her favorite physical activity on a heart-shaped sheet of paper.

On top of taking classes like Zumba and Strength Foundations at her local center, Pat enjoys grooving to the beat of her own drum while line dancing.

Kate’s BodyPump class, Indian Boundary YMCA

On Friday mornings, Indian Boundary YMCA Membership and Wellness Director Kate Hahn gets her community's hearts pumping—literally—during her Body Pump class, a full-body workout involving barbells, music, and lots of fun.

"Body Pump challenges us to stay active, get our heart rates up, and start the weekend strong!" Hahn said.

Find your Y and find what gets your heart pumping by becoming a member today!