Online learning
Sep 2, 2020 - Fry Family YMCA

Looking for online enrichment programs for your kids?

Look no further! Continue learning and having fun after the school day has finished with our Online Out-of-School-Time (OST) Enrichment Programming. We are offering online youth programming for families looking to keep children engaged after school hours with meaningful activities that spark curiosity and foster creativity.

We’ve taken our online specialty camp model and, based on parent feedback, adjusted our offerings to include more program topics and adjusted times to optimize child engagement and minimize parent supervision. Our programs feature live facilitation from Y staff with low instructor to youth ratios to provide intimate engagement and socialization. With these virtual offerings, youth can have the fun of an after school club from the comfort of home. The online programs use technology as a tool for teaching and not as the source of entertainment, which means that all of our activities are hands-on and keep your child active.

What will my child be doing?

From improv to science experiments, technology to arts and crafts, we have interactive experiences designed to awaken your child's inner explorer, artist, and creator. We ship program kits in advance directly to your house and away they go! See available programs.

What’s included in these programs?

Engaging curriculum steeped in experiential learning – Youth will experience the Y’s signature curriculum, all developed by our specialists with expertise in education, STEAM learning, and social-emotional development.

Individual, live instruction – Our programs are designed to provide a personal experience with small groups and live interaction with youth and facilitators.

Passionate instructors – Our own staff is facilitating these courses so your kids get the same great instruction that they would get at our in-person programs.

Supplies delivered to your home – Our online enrichment is developed to engage your child through hands-on experiences and learning tools. Supply kits for your child will be delivered to your home prior to the start of each program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is online enrichment different from school e-learning?

Picture your child interacting with other kids their age in a fun way again without the formality and constraints of school! Imagine them playing games, sharing stories, laughing, and trying new things that are designed to bring fun and excitement. That’s enrichment.

How much parental supervision will be needed?

A major objective of our offering is to limit the amount of time that parents are ‘on’. Our facilitators will serve as the host and will guide your child every step of the way. We anticipate that youth may need support signing on or getting started with their sessions as well as organizing their space and supplies, but that after the initial setup the facilitators will lead the process. Once online enrichment concludes for the day, youth may need assistance with cleaning up and packing up their space.

How many hours will my child need to be in front of a computer or device?

Youth will be engaging with online enrichment via a computer or device for 1.5 hours. We plan to engage youth beyond sitting in front of a screen. During this time we will build in activities that include movement, games, and interaction using the supplies provided and items found in your homes. These activities ensure that online enrichment is not just more ‘screen time’- it’s about engaging with facilitators and peers and being an active participant.

Sign up your child for Online Enrichment Programming today for continued fun and learning. We look forward to seeing them learn and grow!