Personal Training

YMCA member Ami Trosley lost 125 pounds through the YMCA's Y MaxTraining System®. Read her inspirational story.


Achieve your fitness goals through training sessions and coaching from a certified personal trainer.

Is finding time an issue for your work outs, lack the knowledge to build a program, or have injuries that require special attention?

If you answered YES to any part of the question above, try a FREE Fitness Consultation to get you moving on the right path to your fitness goals.  This can be scheduled at our Member Services Desk or by contacting our Lead Consultant,Sarah Kwiatkowski at 815.459.4455 or  You may also fill out the personal training online request.


Y MaxTraining System® Personal Training

This unique personal training methodology was designed with results in mind.  Y MaxTraining System® goes beyond personal training.  It is a complete exercise and nutrition system customized to your goals, nutritional habits, health and fitness experience and pre-dispositions.

Key Features:


Advanced Y MaxTraining System®

Take your training to the next level with Advanced Y MaxTraining System®, a researched based system with a combination of multi-joint, compound, and functional exercises that are reserved exclusively for fit individuals who take their training very seriously.

Enhancements include:


One on One Personal Training

One-on-one personal training involves one or more weekly training sessions designed to help you achieve your individual fitness goals. Your certified personal trainer will work with you and your schedule to develop a personalized fitness program.

Whether you are just beginning your fitness plan, need help refining your workouts or want to push your boundaries, personal training is for everyone. Our trainers vary in their individual expertise for specific client types, decompensations, injury familiarity and sports conditioning specifications.  A well-balanced fitness plan is crucial to healthy and safe workouts. Our personal trainers can help you reach your goals in the most effective and beneficial way regardless of age, pre-existing conditions or fitness level.


Partner Personal Training

Get fit with a friend! Partner personal training involves one or more weekly, partner training sessions designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Your certified personal trainer will work with you and your schedules to develop a personalized fitness program.

One of the best ways to stick to a fitness program is to have someone to hold you accountable and provide encouragement. The combined accountability of your partner and your trainer provides an extra measure of success.


Personal Training Fees

Contact Melanie Papineau, Personal Training Coordinator at 815.526.1676 for our current rates. Personal training sessions are non-refundable and expire 1 year from purchase. Meet with one of our Fitness Consultants today to pick the type of training that is best for you.

Y MaxTraining System®: 6-24 months packages available. Y MaxTraining System® is available for One-on-One and Partner options.

Standard Personal Training: Packages extend from 3-24 sessions.


Personal Training Request Form

For more information on personal training or to sign up for your FREE consultation, fill out this form.





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