Personal Training

YMCA member Ami Trosley lost 125 pounds through the YMCA's Y MaxTraining System?. Read her inspirational story.


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Personal training is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively and efficiently. It involves one of more regular training sessions with a certified personal trainer, and is offered in one-on-one, partner, or small-group training sessions.

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, need help refining your workouts, or want to push your boundaries, personal training is for everyone! 

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Partner Personal Training

One of the best ways to stick to a fitness program is having someone hold you accountable and provide encouragement, so begin your journey to a healthier you with a friend!

Partner personal training involves one or more regular training sessions designed to help you - and your partner - achieve your fitness goals. 

Contact your local Y for details!

Y MaxTraining System®

This unique personal training methodology was designed with results in mind! The Y MaxTraining System® goes beyond personal training - it is a complete exercise and nutrition system customized to your goals, nutritional habits, health and fitness experience, and pre-dispositions.

Key Features:

Advanced Y MaxTraining System®

Take your training to the next level with Advanced Y MaxTraining System®, a researched-based system that combines multi-joint, compound, and functional exercises reserved exclusively for fit individuals who take their training more seriously.

Enhancements include:



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