Donate to the Rauner Family YMCA


With your support, any child - regardless of their family’s financial status - has the opportunity to participate in enriching and supportive early learning, afterschool, youth development and summer day camp programs.

Families often send their children to public schools not for the education they will receive, but because it is FREE. While in school, most underserved children receive FREE breakfast and lunch, but when summer comes, these children and their families often struggle to find childcare, and struggle to put meals on their table.

It costs a total of $180 to send a child to camp for one week, and $1,800 for the whole 10-week program at the Rauner Family YMCA.

Many families are in need of these services for their children, but struggle to afford it. That's why we look to you for your support and to make sure that no one is ever turned away due to their financial status.


Have Questions? Need Help? Please contact us at (312) 932-1419 or email For other ways to support the YMCA, click here.