Glady and Roberto Ramirez
Feb 28, 2020 - Rauner Family YMCA


Gladys and Roberto Ramirez have been members of the Rauner Family YMCA  for three years. They know the YMCA because their grandchild was part of the Head Start program many years ago. They loved the way their grandchild was taught in the YMCA.  When the Rauner Family YMCA was built, Gladys always wanted to join this Y. Now that they are seniors, a friend told them about the programs that the YMCA offers for seniors and they decided to start their membership. Roberto was having health issues in his 60’s which moved him to make a decision and change his daily routine for a more healthy one. He says his health has improved by 60% since they joined the Y. He feels more active and he has a reason to wake up every morning. They exercise Monday through Friday in the fitness area, spend some time in the sauna and finish each morning with a good ping pong game. Something they shared with us is that the paddles they use to play ping pong were a gift from 50 years ago and they never had the opportunity to use them until now.

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