Adventure Guides & Explorers

YMCA Adventure Guides and Explorers is a family program designed for parents and their 5-9 year old child. In YMCA Adventure Guides and Explorers, parents lead, influence and teach while presenting opportunities for children to explore the world around them. Parents lead by example as they set their children on their exhilarating path through life!Adventure Guide Logo

This program is a side-by-side journey, preparing children for more advanced, independent activities, and occurs within the context of a small "Circle" community.

The "Circle" is the program’s basic group unit - it provides structure, sense of community, and support during all group activities. Adventure Guides (parents) and Explorers (children) meet in their Circles and participate in Expedition Adventures (e.g. overnight camping) throughout the year.

Program Goals

Program Activities

The core of this program is Circle meetings and Expedition Adventures.

Program Structure

Participants are grouped as follows:

Program Leadership

The program is run by YMCA staff members and program volunteers. Volunteers are recruited or elected by Circle members and assume a variety of offices and responsibilities for different roles.

Program Rituals

The YMCA Adventure Guides & Explorers program is based heavily on rituals and traditions that bring a sense of continuity, community, intrigue, and magic to the program. These rituals and traditions include those listed below - as well as others - depending on each YMCA’s choices.

Location and registration

Elmhurst and surrounding community

For more information, please contact Mia Lesser, Program Director, at 630.929.2453 or visit here.

Naperville, Aurora, Oswego, Batavia

For more information, please contact Polly Rhodes, Adventure Guides Program Coordinator, at 630.527.6599 or visit here.