Six Teams Partaking in the Destination Imagination tournament
Feb 11, 2019

YMCA Teams Participate in Destination Imagination

On February 9, six teams from the Buehler YMCA, Foglia YMCA, and Lattof YMCA participated in the regional Destination Imagination tournament. Y youth showcased the hard work they put in over the past few months STEM projects, costumes, settings, props, stories, and more. It was a fantastic event and truly inspiring to watch. 

Thanks to the following YMCA staff for volunteering at the tournament:

  • Danny Hsu, Crown Family YMCA Center
  • Nick Baird, Buehler YMCA
  • Nikki Laster, Sage YMCA
  • AnneMarie Kinney, Foglia YMCA
  • Luann Waschmith, Buehler YMCA
  • Rebecca Pointe, Crown Family YMCA Center
  • Elissa Crowley, Buehler YMCA
  • Maddy Ryan, Lattof YMCA
  • Kyle Kamman, Crown Family YMCA Center
  • Nacy Koenitz-Hudac, Crown Family YMCA Center
  • Donna Huang, Crown Family YMCA Center
  • Annette Knitter, Crown Family YMCA Center
  • Marjorie Kirsten, Crown Family YMCA Center
  • for volunteering at the tournament.

Special thanks go to Sarah Sidell, Katie McKinney, and Susie Wapniarski for serving as team managers. Alli Greenman, who served as regional director, was honored with the DI Spirit Award!