Humboldt Park lagoon
Apr 29, 2024

YMCA of Metro Chicago Unveils Humboldt Park Community Assessment

The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, in collaboration with a dedicated community assessment stakeholder group and leaders at the Kelly Hall YMCA, has released a comprehensive community assessment of Humboldt Park. The 2023 project aimed to understand the needs, desires, and strengths of the residents and workers in the area to better connect them with essential resources.  

The assessment was conducted through surveys and direct conversations with community members, supplemented by data from the Chicago Department of Public Health and other sources. Monthly meetings with the stakeholder group ensured a continuous dialogue about the findings and the next steps.  

The assessment revealed a strong sense of community and culture in Humboldt Park, cherished by its residents. Numerous local organizations contribute to making it a vibrant place to live. However, the community has voiced concerns over safety, basic needs, housing affordability, and homelessness. There is a keen interest in learning more about affordable housing, exercise, technology, finances, and cooking.  

Challenges identified include:  

  • Financial hardships 
  • Scarcity of quality jobs 
  • Language barriers 
  • Rising rental and housing costs 
  • Access to affordable food 
  • Technology utilization 
  • Safety concerns due to violence 
  • Drug use issues  
  • Health care accessibility  

The YMCA has formulated recommendations targeting five key areas: Economic Stability, Neighborhood & Built Environment, Education Access & Quality, Social and Community Context, and Health Care Access & Quality. These recommendations are detailed in the full report.  

The YMCA has established three taskforces with community partners to implement these recommendations and respond to the identified needs of Humboldt Park.  

For more information, view the full report.