Apr 5, 2022

Standing in solidarity with our Ukrainian neighbors

The Y is a global movement. Around the world, YMCAs bring 65 million people in 120 countries together to share in each other’s humanity, foster a sense of belonging, and create safe, welcoming places for all to thrive.

In this spirit, the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago expresses heartfelt solidarity for our neighbors, both in Chicagoland and abroad, who are impacted by the crisis currently unfolding in Ukraine.

We encourage you to join us by making a gift in support of ongoing emergency support efforts by the YMCA of the USA, YMCA Ukraine, YMCA Europe, and World YMCA.

The funds raised will provide Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced people with immediate needs like food, clothing, housing, transportation, and psychological counseling, while also sustaining youth programs promoting long-term peace and reconciliation between Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Chicagoland is home to the second-largest Ukrainian population in the nation, and the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago is proud to mobilize our community around our Ukrainian neighbors’ safety and wellbeing.

We thank you for doing your part to engage in the global Y movement and take action toward a healthier and more just world.