A workout class at Fry Family YMCA
Feb 27, 2024

New Year, Best You

As we move into the heart of winter and dedication to those two-month-old New Year’s resolutions begins to wane, the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago remains committed to uplifting you and your goals throughout the year. The Y is home to you for the duration of the calendar year. While the phrase “New Year, New Me,” seems ubiquitous over the first few months of each year, we at the Y want to remind you that here, you already belong, no matter the season.  

At the Y, our membership programs are designed to serve every single body — spirit, mind, and wellbeing. None of us are cookie-cutter, and neither are the Y’s programs. With the flexibility to visit any YMCA of the Metro Chicago community hub and select Y locations nationwide, plus the endless potential to build community, the Y is more than just a one-stop gym membership. 

The Y fosters an environment of positivity and dedication, providing unlimited opportunities for personal growth. Whether it’s by achieving your fitness goals, enriching your evenings with our wide variety of classes, or finding your community, the Y is here to encourage you on every step of your journey, not just on January 1.  

For those looking to take their fitness journey to the next level, our on-staff personal trainers offer individualized support for all members. Our certified trainers can meet regularly as you pursue your goals one-on-one, with a partner, or in small group training sessions.  

As part of our resolution to strengthen relationships and communities, we offer opportunities for our members and non-members to play an integral part in advancing our neighborhoods. From specialized health classes devoted to chronic disease prevention to signing up for a family camp and making happy memories together, the Y has an opportunity for everyone.  

Join the 5,000 new members who jump-started their personal growth journeys last year by taking their resolutions into their own hands! The Y is dedicated to supporting you and your personal growth as an individual when you sign up for a membership — not changing who you are. That’s because you already belong. 

To learn more about membership at the YMCA, please visit our Membership page.