Know See Respond
Apr 13, 2022

Know, see, respond: take Five Days of Action to create a safer world for kids

At the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, child safety is an utmost priority. As such, we’re proud to highlight and participate in National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Five Days of Action (April 18-22), both of which are designed to raise awareness about child abuse prevention.

When we know how abuse can happen, see the warning signs, and respond quickly to prevent it, we can foster a culture of child abuse prevention in our Y community.

Guided by the Five Days of Action’s three tenets—know, see, and respond—we encourage you to check out the 5 Days of Action website, which is full of resources on how to keep kids safe in public spaces and online.

Together, we can take an informed, proactive approach to child abuse prevention, doing our part to keep the Y a safe, supportive haven for our community’s kids.