Kids holding up a frame around their face that says YMCA Camp Duncan
Feb 12, 2024

Fun Awaits at YMCA Camp Duncan Overnight Camp!

Pack your bags, it’s time for an adventure!  

At YMCA Camp Duncan’s Overnight Camps, youth will swing full-speed into the summer of a lifetime! By creating a supportive and encouraging environment, we empower our campers to connect with nature, build relationships while further developing their character and independence, and create long-lasting memories and friendships. Whether you’re interested in archery, swimming, sports, rock climbing, crafts, high ropes, or hiking, there are endless opportunities for growth and self-discovery.   

Wondering what you can look forward to with the Overnight Camp experience? The Camp Duncan team has all of the details on what makes Y Overnight Camp something truly special! 

Q: In three words, describe Overnight Camps at YMCA Camp Duncan! 

A: Fun, safe, transformational! 

Q: What makes Overnight Camp at YMCA Camp Duncan unique? 

A: Because we have such a robust offering of camp programs, campers will get to meet and interact with people who may seem very different. We partner with YMCA Camp Independence for kids with spina bifida, Camp I Am Me for kids who are burn survivors, Kidney Camp for kids with kidney disease or are missing a kidney, and Tourette Syndrome Camp. Campers here get to be in a safe and supportive environment to learn about their differences and, more importantly, their similarities.  

Q: What activites do campers participate in during a typical day at YMCA Camp Duncan? 

A: Activities at Camp Duncan include: canoeing, kayaking, fishing, stand up paddle boarding, blobbing, swimming in the pool, sports, arts and carfts, climbing towers, high ropes and zip line, sling shot paintball, archery, and more! Keep in mind that some activities may be dependent on age. 

Q: What camp experience are you most excited to share with campers? 

A: We always look forward to the opportunities provided to our camper to make a new friend. Often, friendships are built in neighborhoods, schools, sports, etc. Camp give an opportunity to meet people from all over Chicagoland, across the Midwest, and around the world. Campers can leave camp having met and developed friendships with people they will know for the rest of their lives.     
Q: What are you most looking forward to this summer? 

A: The first check-in day is tough to beat. You have this perfect level of excitement, nervousness, and joy. Everyone on the camp team just spent two long weeks training and learning how to keep campers safe, ensure they are having fun, and make such an impact that the campers leave as better people than when they arrived. On the first check-in day, you get to see all of that culminate into something that is indescribable. 

Q: What piece of advice would you give to new campers? 

A: Be open to trying something new. You may stink at it. You may be a natural pro. But just be open to trying it with your whole self. Meet all the people you can, even those outside of your cabin group. Be goofy, and don’t worry about what the people around you think. You are here for you, and those that share that mentality will come along with you on your journey.
Discover everything that Camp Duncan has to offer with your own eyes, and join us in shaping those unforgettable moments! Registration is open for Summer 2024, so register now for an adventure to remember.

Find more information on camp offerings and registration through the YMCA Camp Duncan webpage