Group of campers at Camp MacLean
Feb 12, 2024

Discover Adventure at YMCA Camp MacLean Adventure Camp!

Discover new ways to play in the great outdoors at YMCA Camp MacLean Adventure Camps! 

Our campers connect with nature, build relationships, develop character and independence, and create lifelong memories while taking on specialized programs carefully currated to their interests! From pushing your comfort limits at High Adventure Camp to seeing the world from up high at Devil’s Lake Rock Climbing Trip to developing leadership skills at Counselor-In Training Camp, our wide variety of camp offerings are sure to give your camper the summer of a lifetime. 

Wondering what you can look forward to with the Adventure Camp experience? Jeff Tremmel, Executive Director of YMCA Camp MacLean, has all of the details on what makes Y Adventure Camp something truly special! 

Q: Describe Adventure Camps at YMCA Camp MacLean! 

A: Adventure camps involve diving deeper into specialized activities and concepts and are designed to give campers opportunities to return for multiple years (e.g. leadership, backpacking, rock climbing, aquatics). 

Q: What makes Adventure Camp at YMCA Camp MacLean unique? 

A: The variety of Adventure Camps allows campers to try different things over the years. Camp MacLean has stood the test of time, and our programs and offerings operate under consistent and well-proven standards and methods to help campers develop life-skills and independence while having fun.  

Q: What camp experience are you most excited to share with campers? 

A: All of it! Summer camp is a great place to try new activities, make friends, enjoy being outdoors, and away from the daily grind of school and homework.  

Q: What’s your favorite camp memory? 

A: I have made great friends at camp over the years! Those are by far the most memorable experiences — laughing and enjoying camp with friends.  

Q: What are you most looking forward to this summer? 

A: All of our staff members and I are looking forward to providing enriching experiences which help campers develop in spirit, mind, and body through positive character development. 

Q: What piece of advice would you give to new campers? 

A: Be yourself and try everything available to you. 

Discover everything that Camp MacLean has to offer with your own eyes, and join us in shaping those unforgettable moments! Registration is open for Summer 2024, so register now for an adventure to remember. 

Find more information on camp offerings, Overnight Webinars, and registration through the YMCA Camp MacLean webpage