A girl dancing while at camp
Jun 20, 2024

All In on Launching the Power of Play

2023 marked a year of amazing transformation for the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago. From deepening our commitment to impact to connecting with new community partners, our new brand — the Power of Play — is at the center of everything that we do. 

We launched our brand in October, following a multi-year process that included multiple rounds of stakeholder interviews, intensive evaluation of programs and services, and assessment of community and partner needs. In addition to showcasing the Y’s purposeful commitment to progress and joy, the resulting brand reflects the Y’s unique position and purpose as a vital community resource for individuals and families throughout Chicagoland and across the Midwest.  
“Play is beneficial for people of all ages, and the Y’s capacity to empower play for all members of our communities aligns closely with our mission to strengthen those communities by connecting all people to their purpose, potential, and each other,” said Dorri McWhorter, President & CEO, YMCA of Metro Chicago.  
Scientific research demonstrates correlation between playfulness and the ability for individuals to experience contentment, practice emotional intelligence, and cope with stressful situations, among other benefits. In youth, short breaks for play and leisure translate to significant increases in learning and academic performance. In adults, play has been shown to correlate with intrinsic motivation, creativity, spontaneity, and leadership.   
“More than just colors and slogans, a brand represents an organization’s identity, aspirations, and values, which for the Y include progress, growth, and — yes! — playfulness,” said Brandon Davis, Vice President of Brand Engagement, YMCA of Metro Chicago. “The debut of ‘The Power of Play’ reflects not only the Y’s commitment to the communities we serve, but also our organizational agility and expertise in leveraging that commitment to meet the needs of our members, partners, friends, and communities in an ever-evolving marketplace.”  

It’s time to play! Learn more about how we’re activating play at ymcachicago.org/thepowerofplay (and be sure to watch the video!).