Camp Counselor
Mar 8, 2023

5 Reasons Why Being a YMCA Camp Counselor is the Best Job Ever

Here at the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, we believe in the power of play, and at our camps, we play for fun and for progress! That’s where you come in.

Join us this summer as a Camp Counselor and empower campers to do mighty things — make friends, have life-shaping experiences, develop new skills, and, of course, have fun.

“Being a camp counselor at the Y is the ultimate summer job!” said Danielle Carey, Talent Acquisition Specialist at the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, and former longtime Camp Counselor. “Not only are you engaging in fun, meaningful activities with some amazing kids, you’re also creating a great foundation for your career by honing key leadership, mentorship, and organizational skills relevant to every industry.”

Still need a little push? Here are five reasons why being a YMCA Camp Counselor is the. Best. Job. Ever.

You Make Long-Lasting Change in Your Community 

There’s no greater joy than dedicating yourself to work that serves and benefits your community. At the Y, we are dedicated to making a difference. As a Camp Counselor, you’ll play a huge — and we mean HUGE — role in shaping your campers’ futures by guiding them through fun activities that teach life skills and encourage healthy and safe behaviors. You get to create a positive experience that will help campers explore their value and share their discoveries with the world.

You Get Paid to Have Fun

That’s right! We pay you to have fun! Not only do the campers experience a full day of play, exploration, learning, and personal growth, but you do, too. Take part in unique experiences and adventures, while having a blast and being compensated for your time. Also, you’ll get a YMCA family membership, discounted programs, and much more!

You Meet People from Different Backgrounds

As a Camp Counselor, you have the opportunity to make new friends and meet people of all backgrounds, whether they’re campers or your fellow Camp Counselors. In 2022, more than a dozen countries were represented by our camp staff, including Mexico, Poland, and Ukraine!

The magic of the YMCA is in our ability to bridge our communities and provide a space where people can connect, grow, and evolve. With your camp team, you will build an empowering work environment where you can make a difference and contribute to building a better, stronger community for all.

You Find — and Hone — Your Leadership Skills 

While campers are taking part in daily fun, Camp Counselors are developing leadership skills and confidence. You’ll collaborate with other camp team members, instruct and lead camper activities, mentor children, and guide campers in their personal growth and development. As a professional role model, you’ll exercise care, honesty, respect, purpose, and so much more on a regular basis. 

You Will Have the Summer of a Lifetime

At the Y, we create an exciting, safe camp environment for kids and families to have an unforgettable summer — and you’ll be the superstar that brings everyone together! With fantastic and fun activities like swimming, sports, field trips, arts and crafts, and more, it’s basically impossible to not build lifelong memories with your campers. 

Think this sounds like a great opportunity? Us, too! Apply to the Y as a Camp Counselor, and join us at the place where growth and discovery happens, one adventure at a time!