From Seed to Tree — These Are Our Roots

In 1885, camping became a cornerstone of YMCA programming, with the aim of providing children with a positive developmental experience that helps them make new friends, build confidence, and grow self-reliance. At YMCA Family Camp Nawakwa, these goals still hold true today.

Founded in the early 1920s, YMCA Family Camp Nawakwa was originally developed to be a men’s and boys’ camp. Yet as time went on, the camp’s leadership realized that Camp Nawakwa had the potential to be more. So in the 1930s, Camp Nawakwa became Family Camp Nawakwa, providing a safe and friendly environment for the whole family to explore nature, find new talents, gain an outdoor awareness, and make lifelong memories with both family and friends.

Today, YMCA Family Camp Nawakwa serves groups and families all year long. Some of our campers even travel from across the United States or fly overseas just to be a part of our enchanting camp experience. At Family Camp Nawakwa, you're not just renting a cabin. You’re joining a community that holds friends near to our hearts. With few remaining places like Family Camp Nawakwa — where the environment is so serene, the wildlife is beautiful and majestic, and everyone truly appreciates their neighbors — it’s no wonder that our retention rate is so high!