Facility & Accommodations

The lake in the fall

Retreat Into Nature

North Camp

North Camp has 20 cabins. Whether you want modern conveniences or rustic charm, we have something for everyone. All cabins have running water, kitchens complete with dishware and cookware, and heat. Many families return to the same cabin each year, while others like to try a new experience.
Bridge Builder

Bridge Builder Cabin

Elm cabin

Elm and Tamarack Cabins

Spruce Cabin

Pines, Willow, and Spruce Cabins

Hideaway cabin

Lakeside, Wildwood, Hideaway, and Redbird Cabins

View from hilltop cabin

Hilltop and Lakeview Cabins

Black Cherry Cabin

Black Cherry Cabin

Aspen Cabin

Aspens and Maples Cabin

Oaks Cabin

Oaks Cabin

Poplars Cabin

Poplars Cabin

View of the lake

Balsams Cabin

Sunset Cabin

Sunset and Cedars Cabins

South Camp

South Camp has 14 cabins, each with a wonderful view of the lake. Like North Camp, South Camp offers a variety of accommodations and there’s something for everyone. The sunrises and sunsets are picturesque, and the breeze that blows across the peninsula is refreshing during warm summer nights. At this time, no cabins at South Camp are available to rent year-round.
Oriole cabin

Flicker, Oriole, and Wren Cabins

Teal Cabins

Teal and Whippoorwill Cabins

Heron Cabin

Blue Jay, Heron, Redwing, and Mallard Cabins

Loon cabin

Loon, Raven, and Eagle Cabins

Owl Cabin

Owl Cabin

Islands Cabin

Island Cabin