A child in a car
Jun 21, 2023 - Lake View YMCA

Introducing PiggyBack Network 🚗

Day Camp at the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago is an unforgettable experience of growth, discovery, friendship, and play! And we’re committed to giving each and every youth the opportunity to take on their next big adventure. That’s why the Y is thrilled to partner with PiggyBack Network, a rideshare platform built on a closed-group community of parents to create a modern day carpooling service.

Founded by CEO Ismael “Ish” El-Amin (who was inspired by his own experiences driving his daughter to a school 17 miles from their home) and Donald Scott II, PiggyBack Network aims to connect families and invest in youth by making educational resources of all kinds available to our brilliant young minds.

El-Amin has roots in transportation equity. As a young baseball and football player, El-Amin was always late to after-school practices as he had to take public transportation. His coach, who was interested in making El-Amin a team captain, offered to drive him to practices, helping El-Amin not only arrive to practice on time but also get his first taste of leadership as team captain. El-Amin’s football career blossomed, and he was eventually recruited by Princeton University, unlocking a new world of possibilities.

“One coach’s selfless act in the mid-1990s greatly influenced my development,” said El-Almin. “Now, as CEO of PiggyBack Network, I wish to provide that moment for families all around the country sitting on potential future leaders who need just a little help getting to their destinations.”

PiggyBack and the Y’s missions intertwine as we work to foster equitable access to programs, services, and offerings. By providing affordable transportation for families and youth to the schools and activities that are best for them, PiggyBack plants the seeds of growth for our future leaders, athletes, artists, and more!

“The underlying need for youth transportation is in the middle of the YMCA's continued impact,” said El-Amin. “Our timing and mission align with the YMCA's timing and opportunities…. More youth can participate in the YMCA programming regardless of their school or residents because reliable transportation is covered.”

For more than a century, the Y’s Day Camps have empowered Chicagoland’s youth to do mighty things — make friends, have life-shaping experiences, develop new skills, and, of course, have fun. With PiggyBack as a key partner, more families and youth can find learning experiences and wonderful memories that’ll shape their lives for years to come. Read more about the Y and PiggyBack Network’s partnership.

Currently, families of youth attending Day Camp at the Irving Park YMCA and Lake View YMCA can participate in the PiggyBack Network. As we look to the future, we hope to expand our partnership to include more YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago community centers, helping all youth connect to their purpose, potential, and each other. Learn more at ymcachicago.org/daycamp.