We have 212 standard, renovated and deluxe rooms starting at $398 a month!


The monthly rental fee also includes:


For more information, please call 773-202-2641 for more information.


Room Rates:


Room Type Monthly Room Description
Regular $398 10 x 14
Large $410 10 x 25
Washbasin $430 Room with Sink
Double $430  
Full Facility $470 Private Bathroom


Application Process:


Candidates for residency at the Irving Park YMCA must first fill out an application and provide us with the following information:


Candidates must be over 21 years of age and fill out a credit check and a background check. Candidates with prior felonies and violent or sexual offenses will not be considered eligible. Our resident facilities are limited to men only. One-year lease minimum. Resident applications are available at our front desk. No security deposit is required.


For more information regarding our Permanent Housing, please contact 773-202-2641.