Jill Castaldo
Feb 1, 2018 - Greater LaGrange YMCA

Member Spotlight Jill Castaldo

Here’s Jill’s story

Jill found herself tired, winded easily and just in a slump, she wanted to be a better more active mom to her two year old son. She began looking into options to get healthier. The reason Jill chose the Y is because her sister was a member of another YMCA. She thought she would like it as much as her sister so she found her local Y and signed up. She also felt it was important to be a part of a community organization so for her it was a win-win! Jill has been a member of the Y for just over a year now.

Since day one Jill has felt the support of the friendly staff. In addition to utilizing the Y Jill also began a popular balanced eating program and set a goal for herself. She has the support from a social media group to keep her motivated when not at the Y. She has lost nearly 60 pounds since then! She is still going strong and improving herself with strength training and added variety for her workouts to keep her motivated.

“Each person is different; you just to find the right motivation.” For Jill it was her son and her priority for a healthier lifestyle. After dropping the 60 pounds Jill feels healthier she is active in all aspects of her life including for her son!