School Age

Before & After School Care

Participating locations offer homework help, healthy snacks, physical activity and other school enrichment activities.

We work with schools in challenged neighborhoods to give students the opportunity to get the assistance and help they need to improve their academic performance. Our comprehensive services include academic enrichment, homework assistance, math and reading support, art, sports, events, and a host of other resources students need to succeed. 


School Days Out

When schools are closed, structured activities and child care programs help to keep your child safe, engaged, and learning. 

Many Y locations offer School Days Out classes to keep children busy and learning — and give parents peace of mind — on days when school is closed. Depending on the Y, programs can include swimming, field trips, math lessons, arts & crafts, sports, and more. Regardless of the program, our dedicated staff makes sure children are developing the values, skills, and relationships that lead to positive behavior, better health, and greater educational achievement. 


Education Initiatives

Building a stronger Chicago by providing educational opportunities to neighborhoods that need the resources.

We believe we can advance communities by helping students learn more and develop the skills they need to succeed in school. We offer these programs at schools throughout the Chicago area.




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