The Indian Boundary YMCA’s Fitness Director Planks His Way Into History

July 02, 2018


In an exciting 24-hour event, the Indian Boundary Y’s George Hood set 2 world records while fundraising for the YMCA."

George E. Hood, the Indian Boundary YMCA’s fitness director, successfully achieved 2 world records for “planking” within a span of 24 hours. His event took place at the Indian Boundary YMCA where members, the community, and media cheered him on. “The energy from everyone was really inspiring," Hood says. "Especially from the kids!"

His final time of 10:10:10 is now the world record for the longest abdominal plank, beating his own previous record of 9:11:01 set in 2016. The Guinness World Record for longest abdominal plank is 8:01:01. After those grueling 10 hours, Hood set yet another record for a brand new category titled “The Most Plank Time Accumulated in 24 Hours,” with a time of 18:10:10, accomplished in 13 sets with an average break time of 18-25 minutes. He burned nearly 7,000 calories, and his heart rate averaged 95 beats per minute and maxed out at 137.

The event also served as a fundraiser for the Indian Boundary YMCA and the Y’s Urban Warriors program. Thus far, Hood has raised over $1,000 in donations and hopes contributions will continue now that he has officially set 2 new world records. There is still an opportunity to support George Hood’s fundraiser by donating here.

“This event was done for all the right reasons, to raise money for the Urban Warriors program and Indian Boundary YMCA. This was by far the most excruciating and physically demanding set of world records I’ve set so close together. It was a real test of strength and endurance over a 24-hour period unlike anything I've experienced before,” shares Hood. "I was supported by a dedicated crew of fitness pros, including many Y members, whose selfless commitment to our cause made my success possible."

This world record event was covered by NBC5 Chicago, ABC7, NowThis Sports, Illinois Patch, Oceanside Patch, and Sunny 99.1 iHeart Radio.