2023 Cohort members
Mar 29, 2024

ComEd CONSTRUCT Youth Infrastructure Academy 2024

Calling all Chicago-area rising high school juniors and seniors!  

The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago is partnering with ComEd again this summer for the 2024 ComEd CONSTRUCT Infrastructure Youth  Academy! And we’ve expanded the number of cohorts and locations!  

We know, we know. “Academy” sounds like school. But we promise it’s much more than that, so keep reading.  

This summer, the Y and ComEd will hold three-week cohorts where young people will learn the ins and outs of trade careers in the energy sector. Not only will the program increase participants’ knowledge, awareness, and capabilities, but they’ll also have opportunities to apply for ComEd adult programming and entry-level careers.  

As if that wasn’t enough, here are three more reasons to apply:  

  1. The program is FREE – there are no fees to apply or participate!  
  2. There will be a fun graduation ceremony and celebration at the conclusion of the program (where you’ll definitely fulfill your yearly family-photo quota).   
  3. AND…upon successful completion of the ComEd Infrastructure Youth Academy, participants receive a $350 stipend!  


2024 ComEd CONSTRUCT Infrastructure Youth Academy  

All cohorts take place Tuesdays through Thursdays, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  

Cohort 1: South Side YMCA (Woodlawn, Chicago): June 10 to 28   

Cohort 2: Kelly Hall YMCA (West Humboldt Park, Chicago): June 10 to 28   

Cohort 3: Rauner Family YMCA (Little Village, Chicago): July 8 to 26   

Cohort 4: Buehler YMCA (Palatine, IL): July 8 to 26  

Plus off-site ComEd training facilities (transportation provided)