Group Adult Swim Lessons (Ages 18+)

For adults ages 18+. It's never too late to learn or improve your swimming skills! We offer 3 levels of swimming to meet the needs of a variety of participants.

Adult Beginner Swim Lessons

Water Movement and Stamina: YMCA teen and adult beginner swim lessons are designed for those with little or no swimming experience. Skills will include water acclimation and comfort, proper floating, breathing techniques, and basic swim strokes including front crawl, back crawl and elementary back stroke.

Adult Intermediate Swim Lessons

Stroke Introduction: YMCA teen and adult intermediate swim lessons are designed to build stroke introduction and endurance. Participants should be able to swim 25 yards continuously and be comfortable in deep water. Skills will include proper lap swimming etiquette, endurance, stroke refinement of front and back crawl, and introduce breaststroke, sidestroke, and treading water.

Adult Advanced Swim Lessons

YMCA adult advanced swim lessons are designed to strengthen skills for those interested in building swimming into their fitness routine, train for a triathlon, or participating in Master's swimming. Participants should be able to comfortably swim 50 yards and tread water for one minute. Skills will include endurance swimming, reading a pace clock, isolating and working different parts of each stroke, and swimming drills.

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