How to Register


There are many ways to register for Y-Guides, Y-Princesses, or Trailblazers program:

  1. Register online using the registration button at the top of this page.
  2. Stop by a Naperville YMCA center and pick-up a registration form
  3. Download the Annual Registration form and  e-mail it to the address at the top of the registration form or mail it to Y Guides and Princesses, 34 S. Washington, Naperville IL 60540

If I registered for the program last year, do I have to re-register?
Yes. Registration for the program is on an annual basis.

Once I register for the program, am I automatically registered for all the events?
No. You need to register separately for each event.

What if I don't know anyone in any of the circles?
Attend one of the information nights, in September (see the event calendar for details), or contact the Three Owls Federation office, 630.420.6270, at the YMCA for assistance.