New Member Guide


Welcome to the Three Owls Federation!

First Steps

If you have not done so already, contact the Three Owls Federation Office at 630.420-6270 for more program details. If you have a Circle (formerly known as a tribe) to join, there is no need to contact the office. Simply submit a registration form and fill out the Circle name on that form. If you need to be placed in a Circle, mark that section on the registration form. The YMCA will place you with a Circle that is in your direct area or school. Payments will not be taken unless members have been placed with a Circle.

New Member Packets

If you weren’t able to attend the new member orientation, you can pick up a New Member Packet by calling our office at 630.420-6270 or by e-mail The packet contains starter patches, and a New Member Guide.

New Member Guide

The New Member Guide contains a wealth of information that will help orient you to the Y-Guide and Y-Princess programs. It explains about Federation Meetings, monthly events, and our premiere events, the campouts. Click here to peruse online or print it out: New Member Guide.


Each Circle selects a vest color or style. Once you are placed in a Circle, ask the chief what type of vest you need to order from CQ Industries. New members need to order a vest (dad and child) which is used to display all of the badges earned. Vests can be ordered through CQ Industries in Elmhurst, IL. Visit their website at to view vest options or call them at 1.800.537.2824.

Federation Meetings

It is very important that each Circle send a representative to each Federation meeting. These meetings are used to plan upcoming events and discuss what can be updated/improved/changed for past events. Also, additional and updated information concerning upcoming events is discussed at the Federation meetings. Our goal is to plan events that are appealing to our Federation as a whole. If there is something you would like to suggest or see changed, please let us know so we can invite you to our Federatoin meetings.


If a Circle would like assistance from an experienced dad or tribe, please contact our Federation Chief or any of the council members. They are glad to help.

Got another question or problem?

Please call your mentor or anyone on the council. We have probably already “been there, done that!” You can also find some good sites on the Web. Looking for crafts or games to use at your circle meeting? Check out Pinterest or Ultimate Camp Resource online.