Trailblazers Event: Devil’s Lake Camping Trip

March 15, 2019


Trailblazers participants and those in 4th grade and up are welcome to attend this outdoor camping experience!"

When: Friday 5/3 - Sunday 5/5
Where: Meet at our campsite, Group site #2. This site is located at Group Campground at the South end of the lake, not the main campground.

- There is parking right at the campsite so you will not be hiking with your gear.
- Each car will need a parking pass for 1 day. This is $11 for non-residents and is available at the Ranger Station at the north end of the lake. Friday night arrivals can pick this up Saturday morning.
- We will hike around Devils Lake on Saturday afternoon. There is a three mile loop and it usually takes about three hours.  Devils Lake is flanked on two sides by rock formations which are approximately 200 feet tall.  We will hike from the campsite to the lake and then to the top and back down.  While this can be physically challenging, it is relatively safe and the views are rewarding.
- Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast will be prepared as a group. Be sure to respond to the Trailblazers google group to let Joel know you are coming and so menus can be planned.
- Sunday morning - optional morning hike for late Saturday arrivals or anyone who wants more exercise! 

What to pack:
- Be sure to bring your own camping equipment - tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, stoves, cookware, utensils.
- The weather for early May camping in Central Wisconsin can be tricky, so plan for the worst.  This should include rain gear, warm clothes (including hat and gloves) as well as warm and/or waterproof boots not to mention several changes of clothes. 
- Tip - the right sleeping pad and a warm sleeping bag make all the difference when camping outside. An inexpensive sleeping pad option is foam board (3/4 inch) which can be pruchased at the hardware store. You can also put a blanket inside a regular sleeping bag to make it warmer. Likewise, a tarp/emergency blanket over your sleeping bag can help block the chill.

If you don't own camping equipment Rocktown Adventures in downtown Aurora rents tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads (link below). 

Registration - be sure to register each person attending and for Friday and/or Saturday night
Online registration
Paper registration - drop off at the YMCA or email

For more information about this event, please email us at or