Three Owls Federation Needs You!

August 25, 2018


We are looking for some volunteers to help us at the Federation level. The time commitment per school year varies for our positions from around 1 hour to 6 hours for the ENTIRE year! "

A letter from our Federation Chief:


If you enjoy the Adventure Guides program, please consider volunteering for a federation position. The time commitment per school year varies from around 1 hour to 6 hours for the ENTIRE year.  The more Dads that are involved in running the program the better it becomes. Plus, helping out is a great way to express your thanks for everything others are doing to make the program great for you.

Other bonuses include - your circle will get honor points, your kid will think it’s cool, you’ll feel good about volunteering, and you can even put it on your resume!  You may even get an awesome “My Dad is——” patch.

Here are some roles we need volunteers for (of course, we are open to suggestions if you have other ways you can help!).

Ceremony Speaker (Need four)

At the Fall and Spring campout, you will read part of our ceremony script.  We have several “winds” that need to speak so a few volunteers would be good.  If you want to go the extra mile, read the script in advance so you are familiar with it.  WE NEED SOME VOLUNTEERS BEFORE OCTOBER. 

Federation Photographer  (We have one, need one to three more)

Take photos at any federation event you attend.  After the event, either upload to Facebook or send to the Federation office to upload.  Prior to each event, email other Federation Photographers and Federation Chief to make sure at least one person is taking pictures.  If no photographers are attending, see if you can get someone else to take pictures.  If you attend events and can work the camera on your phone, you can do this!! (Or if you have one of those big fancy cameras and some photography skills then that works too)

Event Lead (Need one or more for each event)

For each event, we’d like to have one person help “lead” it.  Polly does most of the work for all events, so this would be more like assisting her.  If you volunteer for this, you can be the lead for one or as many events as you want.  Work includes attending the Federation Council meeting that occurs before the event or talking to Polly via email.  During that call/meeting, bring up any ideas you have to make the event better and find out if event setup help is required (getting there a little early).  When you sign up for this, let us know what event(s) you want to be part of.   Another easy one you can do!

Patches (Need one or two people)

We could really use help here and how you do this is up to you.  We need someone to help with making sure we have patch sheets at events, make sure the sheets get collected and working with Polly for the best way to vote on winning patches.  Polly will take care of the ordering and delivery of the patches. You are mainly helping with getting a design for each event.  Everyone prefers the custom patches the kids make vs the generic ones, so help make sure we have those patches!

Federation Council Member (Need one to three people)

This is a good role if you are not a chief right now, but would still like to help guide the program and give input.  The work includes providing input on items via email, attending Federation Council  meetings, and possibly helping out with any of the above roles as needed.  Time commitment is roughly 1 to 3 hours per month, depending how much time and interest you have.  

Signup by emailing Polly –  Feel free to ask Polly or I if you have any questions.  Really, we are aren’t asking for much here.  If you had enough time to read this whole blog, you probably have time to help out with most of these roles!


Ed Mueller aka Wandering Buck
Federation Chief, Three Owls Federation