Federation Event: Canoe on Wheels and not so late night Swim

February 06, 2019


Its time to get creative and build this year's Canoe on wheels (aka Pinewood Derby) entry."


Saturday February 23rd 5 - 8 pm

Location: Kroehler Family YMCA

Fee: $8 per person, please register all dads and kids - Pizza, snacks and drinks provided 

What is canoe on wheels?
For this event, you will take a block of wood and turn it into a car! This is a fun project for dads and kids to do together. Get creative with your entry. We will have various awards for this years entries including age group winners and most unique designs. Kits are available at local hobby stores or online. 
Have an old Pinewood derby car from scouts or previous years with us? Feel free to spruce it up and re-use it! 


What are the rules?
We want to keep this simple and fun. If your car wieghs 5 ounces or less, fits on the track, and is gravity propelled (no rockets or motors), we will race it. For those who want it, measurement info is below. Families may enter multiple cars if they would like.

Measurement details:
Overall length shall not exceed 7 inches
Overall width shall not exceed 2 3/4 inches
Car must have 1 3/4 inches clearance between the wheels
Car must have 3/8 inch clearance under the body so it does not rub on the track 

What is the not so late night swim?
At 6:30 pm, we will head to the pool* and have fun playing and splashing! Don't forget your swim suits and towels!
*Please note that all youth must be accompanied by an adult in the pool. 

Volunteers needed!!
We could use some volunteers to come at 4:30 pm and help us setup the Canoe on Wheels track. We could also use a volunteer to help us announce our races. Please email the office if you can help!