Rentals and Groups


South Side Rental Rates

Need to use the Y for something other than working out? At the South Side YMCA, you can host a birthday party, youth pool party, bridal or baby shower, church function or business meeting. Vendor space is also available. For more information, or to book a meeting or special event for South Side YMCA, please fill out the rental request form.


Small Pool Exclusive: $100 for Members/$125 for Non-Members (per hour) 22 swimmers*

Large Pool 2-Lane Exclusive: $55 for Members/ $75 for Non-Members (per hour) 22 swimmers

After Hours: $200 for Members/$250 for Non-Members (per hour) +  Additional fees for Maintenance/Security/Lifeguards/Admin

*For  24-49 swimmers an additional lifeguard is required at $25 per hour


Exclusive, 1 court: $150 for Members/$200 for Non-Members (per hour) (150 guests max.)

Exclusive, 2 courts: $300 for Members/$400 for Non-Members (per hour) (300 guests max.)

Exclusive, Entire Gym: $450 for Members/$600 for Non-Members (per hour) + Maintenance/ Security/Admin (650 guests max.)

Weeknight exclusive, 1 court: Team discounts ranging from $63-$90 per hour. Contact for more information.

*Gym rental does not include tables and chairs. Food and drink are not permitted in the gymnasium unless there is a contracted rental for floor covering and a licensed/insured food contractor.

Community Room

1/4 Room (40-50 guests): $60 for Members/$85 for Non-Members (per hour)

1/2 Room (80-100 guests): $110 for Members/$135 for Non-Members (per hour)

After Hours: Double the rate + Maintenance/Security/Admin

Studio B

Entire Room (100-115 guests): $120 for Members/$145 for Non-Members (per hour)

After Hours: Double the rate + Maintenance/Security/Admin

Teen Center

Entire Room (15-18 guests): $35 for Members/$45 for Non-Members (per hour)

After Hours:  Double the rate + Maintenance/Security/Admin

Rental Policy

Rentals are based on availability and are subject to approval. There is a 50% non-refundable, non-transferable deposit required for all events and final payment must be made one full week prior to the event. Some events will require a certificate of insurance. All swimmers must wear a swim cap and proper swim attire. You must enter and exit the pool via the locker rooms only. Non-swimmers are not allowed on the pool deck.