The gift that made the giver

December 24, 2018


South Side Y group fitness instructor Tonya Lewis gives the gift of health, both through her inspiring class leadership and through her generous donation to the Y's Annual Campaign, the very initiative that made her fitness dreams possible. "

At the heart of the South Side YMCA is the power to transform - both yourself and the world around you!

South Side YMCA group fitness instructor Tonya Lewis simply loves working out. She asserts it is the best decision she ever made in life and has been living her passion for over 20 years strong. At one point, though, Tonya's financial situation posed a roadblock.  That's where the Y's Annual Campaign funding pulled through. Once a grateful recipient, Tonya is now an even prouder donor. 

Tonya states, "As a former recipient of assistance from the Y's scholarship program, I always make a point of giving back and being of service. Over 10 years ago, I joined the Y and when my financial situation changed, the reduced monthly membership payments through the scholarship program allowed me to continue my membership to enable me to meet and exceed my health and fitness goals. As a result, three years ago, I was offered part-time employment at the South Side Y and became a Group Ex Instructor. Now I’m able to help so many others with their fitness aspirations that have positively contributed to their quality of life and I love what I do. I know firsthand the countless rewards of simply giving whatever you can towards the betterment of others." 

At the Y, we strive to turn nobody away due to the inability to pay.  Your tax-deductible gift of any amount goes directly toward making this vision possible in your South Side Y community.  Donate online now.