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The Sage YMCA strengthens community. Through the Y, children, teens, and adults develop the skills and relationships they need to be healthy, confident, connected and secure.


The current Sage YMCA facility isn’t big enough to hold our vision for this community. It’s certainly not big enough to hold community leader and philanthropist Vince Foglia’s vision. That is why we are proud to announce that with an incredible leadership gift from the Foglia family, we will be launching a capital campaign to support renovation of the Sage YMCA facility.

We have developed plans to expand the facility from 29,000 square feet to a total of 71,000 square feet. The renovated facility will feature enhanced childcare facilities, a family locker room, and expanded fitness facilities. Enhanced aquatics facilities will include a competition pool with viewing area for our award winning swim team and our community gathering spaces will encourage family and community togetherness.


Our community needs a gathering place where children learn important life skills like swimming and teamwork, where young families meet and make friends, and where parents develop close bonds with sons and daughters. We need a safe, wholesome place where teens develop independence and good character, and where senior citizens meet to socialize and stay active.

The Sage YMCA is this place–a destination that will serve the children and families of McHenry County for years to come. Serving nearly 3,000 people each year, families come to the Sage Y from a number of communities, including Crystal Lake, Cary, Lake In The Hills, Fox River Grove, Woodstock, and McHenry.

Interest in our services has grown exponentially since we opened the doors as the Sage YMCA in June 2011. Membership has tripled, and collaborations have been made other nonprofits like the Boy Scouts and to public school systems to reach even more people. Over 131,000 people live within a 5-mile radius of the Sage YMCA campus, including 8,000 children under the age of four. This population is projected to grow 8% by 2015.

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8,000 Y Members

$80,000 in annual community support

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When it was founded 47 years ago, the YMCA of McHenry County operated within an incredible wooded acreage. At that time, McHenry County had only 84,000 residents. Through the years, a suburban community sprang up around this natural oasis. As the local population grew to over 308,000, the programs at the YMCA of McHenry County became even more important.

The YMCA of McHenry County provided important services – including childcare, day camp for youth, and sports and fitness activities for people of all ages. But in 2010, the YMCA of McHenry County was struggling financially and questioning whether it could survive. Its leadership decided to file for bankruptcy. Fortunately for the community, Vince Foglia decided “We must have a Y in McHenry County. “I’m going to do what it takes to make that happen,” Vince said.

In March 2011, a gift from the Foglia Family enabled the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago to assume management of the McHenry County YMCA. In recognition of this contribution the facility was renamed the Sage YMCA.


The Y of Metro Chicago transforms lives and communities.

The Sage YMCA is a proud to be a part of the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago.

The Y is neighborhood-based with relationships that help us understand what communities need most. We’ve moved wellness beyond the gym to prepare our next generation with the physical, academic and social skills they need to thrive. We operate 22 membership centers across Chicagoland, five camps and more than 50 partner sites.

Come to the Y for personal fitness, sign up for a family program, or play a more active role in our community service mission. When you join the Y, you’re part of something big.



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Vincent W. Foglia
President, Sage Products

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Executive Director, Sage YMCA