Super Staff Spotlight

October 25, 2018


Sue Forner from our Preschool program!"

Congratulations to Sue Forner from our preschool program for being such an inspiration and a super star!

Teaching preschool takes a special someone. Ms. Sue is that special someone! Teaching preschool takes someone truly skilled in teaching, parenting and a whole lot of patience. Ms. Sue not only teaches her students their ABC's and 123"s, she also guides children in their social and friendship skills, cooperation, self-help and independence skills. In addition to all Ms. Sue does in the classroom, she also "volunteers" to help with administrative tasks, family engagement opportunities and spends PLENTY of her own time preparing materials for the classroom and her co-teachers.  Ms. Sue was an integral part in the redesign of our preschool foyer, making it a more welcoming and engaging environment. Despite being a preschool teacher for a number of years, Ms. Sue continues to work on her craft, as she continues to "grow" her own personal development right alongside her students. Thank you, Ms. Sue,  for showing a continued enthusiasm for all of our preschoolers needs, which truly comes from your heart.  "It takes a BIG heart to teach little minds!"

Next time you see Sue, whether she is in a class or walking the halls with her students, be sure to let her know what an impact she makes.