Member Spotlight

November 26, 2018


Meet Betty, a member of the Sage Y!"

Betty joined the Sage YMCA the past year and was kind enough to share her story with us. Betty used to do aerobics for 15 – 20 years at the YMCA, but when she was in her 30’s, she got very busy with her career and stopped working out. Betty retired from her career 5 years ago and felt like she was missing something. After a recommendation from her doctor to try some water classes for some back problems, Betty decided to try Healthbridge and other facilities out. Betty then came to the Sage Y and started to take Debbie’s H2O Flow class. “I have been to many other programs and facilities, but none were as effective as Debbie’s. Debbie is focused on each individual and even though it is a group class, she makes it feel like they are one on one.”

Betty has lost weight, her A1C has dropped and her blood pressure is better than ever. She hopes that by sharing her story, people will realize that even though they may feel uncomfortable about working out around others or have a hard time even finding motivation to work out, that they can do it. “The Y makes me feel like I belong and the pool and facility are great.