Member Feature: Charley English - 74 lbs down!

September 23, 2015


Charley lived and unhealthy lifestyle; read how he changed his life using perseverance, dedication, and the Sage YMCA."

If you are a regular at the Sage YMCA, you’ve probably seen Charley. He comes in with a smile, greets the staff and members, and sits down for his “warm-up,” coffee. He has a few cups, and then he’s off! Sometimes pausing for a drink or to chat with the front desk, Charley English walks around the YMCA for hours; sometimes 8 miles, sometimes 12 miles. He’s a rockstar.

Charley was always a meat and potatoes kind of guy, and definitely not the picture of health. In November of 2014, he suffered damage to his sciatic nerve, and had trouble walking without pain. A few days later, Charley saw a picture of himself that was taken at a wedding. After looking at the photo in shock, Charley decided it was time for a change. He visited the doctor, who advised him to seek physical therapy, as well as join a health club. He set a hefty goal for himself; to get down to 190 lbs. 

That series of events led Charley to the Sage YMCA. He joined our Y MaxTraining Program ®, where Diane became his personal trainer.

“Nice thing about Diane, is that she is the same person every week,” he says. “Consistency is huge. She always shows up, she’s always there. She texts me stuff all the time, tips; she goes above and beyond.” He gushes about all the staff at the Sage YMCA. “Everything is 99.9% positive here, the staff and my trainer always push me to continue.”

Charley started with physical therapy and training 3 days a week, for 3 1/2 months. “When I was done, I could walk without pain, and knew I never wanted this [injury] to happen again.” He went from 269 lbs in November 2014, and after completion of his YMax Training, Charley now weighs 195 lbs. 

“6 months ago I had a physical, cholesterol was at 221, and a month ago it was 182,” he says. His health and overall well-being has improved so much.

On behalf of everyone here at Sage, we are so proud of you Charley! Thanks for showing up everyday and inspiring us all.


For more information on our YMax Training Program, please call 815.459.4455.