Kids Marathon 2016

May 22, 2016





Stay active this summer by joining the Sage YMCA Kids’ Marathon!

**Registration closed**

Walk or run 1 mile on your own with adult supervision 25 times over the summer. Record your mileage on your log sheet. Then, on Race Day, come pick up your race bib and race shirt, and run your final 1.2 miles with all of the other Kids’ Marathon participants. All who finish will receive a marathon finisher ribbon. This is a fun, family­friendly activity for kids ages 5­13.  Kids walk or run one mile on their own with adult supervision and record their mileage of 25 miles leading up to a final race day hosted at Sage Y.  Two optional Saturday “Fun Runs” led by local runners during the summer. One parent, grandparent or guardian is allowed to run/walk with their child on race day.


Race Day (the final 1.2 miles) is on Sunday, August 14 and will be the celebratory event where kids will receive their own marathon ribbon and t­shirt just like adult marathoners.

 There is a small registration fee of $15 (M)/ $25 (NM). The Sage YMCA Kids’ Marathon is more about sweat, dedication and fun. We want to encourage young people to begin an active lifestyle.

 For information, contact Jill at 815.526.1639 or at

Sponsored by: Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy.