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January 06, 2018


January Fitness"

January Workshop: Fitness Confidence - Planning Your Workout Routine for Results

How many days should I exercise? What workouts should I do when I am sore? Is strength training really that important? What's cross training? Gain an understanding of how to structure your workouts and start the year off right with a solid plan of action. Led by Sage YMCA Personal Trainers, this workshop will give you the confidence to plan and execute a fitness routine with confidence. This workshop will also cover heart rate, strength training, cardio workouts, scheduling, flexibility and recovery.

—Saturday, January 13 @ 1-3pm
—Ages 13+
—Free for Active8 participants, $25 members/$30 non-members 

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Free Fitness Expo: January 27 8am - 12pm at Sage YMCA

—Intro to Cycle class 9-9:30am
—Equipment Vendors
—Mercy Health presentation
—Healthy Activities for adults and youth
—much, much more 


Deep Water Cadence Running

Deep Water Cadence Running is a deep-water running class that uses evidence-based, cadence-specific workouts to achieve peak athletic performance. Whether you’re training for a run, recovering from an injury or prone to injuries, deep-water running is an impact-free way to engage your entire body while building up your endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. Teresa Triche, two-time Olympic qualifier is known for her Deep Water Cadence Running, which has helped countless Runners, Soccer players, NBA players, Navy officers and Wounded Warriors veterans recover from injuries and get in the best shape of their lives. There are no pre-qualifications to participate (other than being able to swim comfortably in deep water), and floatation belts are provided by the Y.

—Wednesday, Friday 8:45-9:30am (Competition Pool)
—Wednesdays, 7:15-8pm (Family Pool)
—Sundays, 9-9:45am (Competition Pool)



Teen Machine Orientations

Youth and teens 13 - 15 years of age are REQUIRED to have a Machine Orientation BEFORE using any Cardio or Strength Equipment in the Fitness Center.

The Heath and Fitness Standards have been put in place for the safety of your child.  The YMCA of Metro Chicago abides by the Standards and highly enforces these.  Youth 13 - 15 years old may use the facility on their own after completing a Fitness Orientation.  Certain equipment may be excluded at the Fitness Director's discretion.  Yourh 13 - 15 years old may attend group fitness classes, unless the class is specifically noted for 16+ years of age.  Youth 16 - 18 may use the fitness center and free weight equipment without a machine orientation.  All youth ages 13 - 15 will receive a YMCA wrist band upon successful completion of their orientation.  This wristband must be worn at all times while using the fitness center.

To schedule a Machine Orientation for your child, please call the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, Emily Fischer, at 815.526.1676 or email


Helping You Reach Your Goals

Do you know where your physical fitness is?  Schedulae a 30-minute Fitness Assessment with a Personal Trainer and create a plan to maintain or improve your physical fitness!

Assessment Tests:

*  Body Composition

*  Cardiovascular Efficiency

*  Muscular Strength

*  Flexibility

*  Joint Mobility

*  Balance

Fitness attire and hydration are required!

To schedule, call the Consultation Office at 815.526.1676

Fitness Assessments are the best $25 you will ever spend toward making a healthier you.  Start your fitness journey today!